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Laser Marking Package



     Laser Marking Package includes Laser Marking Software,USB Motion Control Card, DAC Card / 2 - Axis Serial Card,Galvo(Optional) and Mechanical structure(Optional).


LIPI - Laser Marking Software


   Among its many features are ease-of-use, high performance, flexibility, and low cost that give you the best laser marking software on the market today. Designed to be both a retro-fit package and the original software on new machines, LIPI can support a large variety of galvanometric hardware configurations, including most existing laser marking systems, marking heads and lasers.


Features of LIPI:


  • MarkMaster is the culmination of 15 + years experience of marking software development from Pryor. Developed using the latest .Net technology it is the most powerful direct part mark software available.
  • Extensive time/date, shift coding combinations
  • Supoprt for Multi Object (Text,PLT, Basic DXF, BMP, JPG…)
  • Linear and Circular Text with Outline and Filling
  • Plt,Bmp,Jpg, Basic Dxf file support
  • Drag and Drop WYSIWYG preview
  • Tool path preview with individual vector visualisation.
  • Marks all Windows True Type Fonts
  • Extensive library of high speed vector fonts
  • Graphical Shape tools
  • Highly configurable serial numbering features
  • Multi-Object ‘editing and pilot beam’ previewing
  • Rotary and Indexing Marking axis control for marking around cylindrical parts.
  • Support to intergar with PLC and PC
  • Compensated F-Theta effect
  • 1D ,2D and QR code barcode support with advanced DataMatrix cell fill control for marking extremely small DMx codes.
  • Run on Very High Speed FPGA based Motion Control Card
  • Programmable user prompts with barcode scanner interface
  • Developed software as per indian market requirement
  • Advanced Database connectivity features. Query marking data from and write back to Excel, Access, SQL Server, MySQL etc.
  • Extensive Material Settings Library
  • On-the-fly marking of moving workpieces.
  • WINDOWS 98/2000/NT/XP/7 Compatible
  • User Friendly




  • More than 300 Instllation
  • Support for ND:YAG(Lamp Pump and Diode Pump) and Fiber (IPG and SPI) Lasers


Motion Control Card


Features :


  • USB connection to PC.
  • USB (V2.x) from PC/Laptop running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 bit or 64bit) .
  • controller works with most step/dir motor drivers available on the market .
  • buffered IO for maximum performance .
  • advanced interpolation algorithms .
  • start, stop, pause and resume execution of program on your machine .
  • 16 Digital Output and 8 Input.
  • PWM output for spindle speed control.
  • SDK (software developers kit) is available .


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