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Fiber Laser Rust Cleaning Machine

   Laser Cleaning- Surface Cleaning is one of the key applications in the industry. To attain the application with utmost precision and efficiency introduced the Fiber Laser Cleaning System. The system is used for the surface removal process. The System is capable to remove rust, grease, color and other particles from the surface of the metal.

 Laser Cleaning System is a handheld device that allows it to operate on large and complex material surfaces with ease. The system delivers enough power to remove even the thicker layers of particles from the surface.

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine features

  • Fiber  Laser Cleaning Machine uses fiber laser source that has higher reflectance, higher power, very long life.
  • Fiber Laser Cleaning  machine comes with high power chiller which keep the systems running for longer time.
  • Provides Specail Purpose Automation with Fiber Laser Cleaning machine
  • High working speed.Purpose Automation with FMinimum thermal stress to metals.
  • Excellent superficial appearance of cleaning.
  • Manageable in depth penetration.ent superficial appearance of welding.
  • Manageable in depth penetratiUse of Fiber L With the advance of laser technology in surface cleaning, manufacturers are becoming aware of the extent to which laser cleaning can help them. From the automotive and aerospace industries to more general industrial applications, many uses of this revolutionary cleaning technique are still unknown. Best performed using a pulsed laser, laser cleaning can replace traditional cleaning methods to remove rust, oxide, paint and other contaminants from metal surfaces. Emerging applications include weld cleaning, mold cleaning, tool cleaning and surface preparation.


    Technical Specification

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    Laser Type Fiber Laser
    Max Average Power 500,1000,2000 Watt
    Wavelength 1064 nm
    Laser Class IV
    Laser spot area 0.3-2 mm
    Ambient Temperature 25 °C
    Power Consumption < 6 kW
    Electrical Connection (Optional) 230v/50Hz
    Working area 100 x 120 mm
    Power of cooling machine 1.5 p


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Nd:YAG Laser Spot welding Machine,Laser Spot welding System in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India
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