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On the fly laser marking system



Laser marking of moving workpieces


   "Mark on-the-Fly" stands for the marking of moving workpieces. For continuous production lines, marking 'on the fly' offers great solution flexibility by enabling marking of the product while it is moving.


   Marking on-the-fly places the highest demands on precision and speed of the marking laser. On the fly laser marking requires a specific software that takes the speed of the workpieces into account in order to ensure distortion-free marking.On The Fly laser marking machine can be directly deployed with customer assembly line and if necessary, assembly line and worktable can also be customized.


On the Fly Laser marking system features


  • On the Fly Laser marking machine renders consistent performance at high speed operation.
  • On the Fly Laser marking machine offers the best marking visibility.
  • The machine is designed for achieving precise positioning even on components moving at high speed.
  • High process efficiency without waiting times.
  • The speed in the transport direction is continually measured with an encoder signal - so even with start-and-stop processes, you can obtain consistent marking results.


Use of On the fly laser marking system


  • Laser marking on plastics tube,pipe,irrigation pipe with continually moving on production line.
  • Laser marks on Electrical wires and Industrial cables.
  • On the fly laser marking system use in Food packaging industry.
  • On the fly laser marking system use in Medicine packaging and Soft drink packaging industry.


LIPI - Laser Marking Software


    Among its many features are ease-of-use, high performance, flexibility, and low cost that give you the best laser marking software on the market today. LIPI software is developed by our highly skilled professionals developers.Features of LIPI are...


Technical Specification


Laser Type Fiber Laser
Laser Fiber Laser,Diode Pump, Nd:YAG Laser,CO2 Laser
Average /CW Output Power 20W,30W,50W,80W
Pulse Repetition Rate 0-100 KHz
Wavelength 1062 ± 3 nm
Laser Class IV
Guide Laser/Red Aiming Beam Yes
Ambient Temperature 25 °C
Marking area (Optional) Ø100/150/220mm
Repeatability 50Micron
Resolution 18Micron
Marking Speed Up to 10000 mm/sec*


laser marking system,laser marking machine in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India
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laser marking system,laser marking machine in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India


laser marking system,laser marking machine,send enquiry

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