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CO2 Laser Garment Printing & Cutting Machine



    CO2 Laser offers the most cost-effective solution in laser marking and cutting technology. These compact units commonly replace other marking technologies such as ink jet, dot peen and labeling due to the CO2 laser’s ability to achieve high-speed marking while maintaining mark quality. These lasers provide non-contrast marking in plastics as well as ink removal for date coding.


CO2 Laser Garment Printing & Cutting Machine features


  • Co2 Laser marking machine offers a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser marking onto almost any type of non metallic material.
  • Co2 Laser marking process is Clean and Safe process –Chemical-proof, water-proof, oil, grease & fuel-proof.
  • No pre or post processing –Co2 Laser marking can be done on finished products.
  • Co2 Laser Marking is internationally accepted as Quality marking standard.
  • Visible ‘Pilot’ beam shows the laser marking location for fast, accurate setup.
  • Co2 Laser marking helps significantly in cutting operating cost by reducing labor cost, tool cost, consumable cost, set up time, rejection improved cycle time
  • One of the prime advantage of co2 laser marking is that it can be automized and can be integrated with any online process.


Use of CO2 Laser Garment Printing & Cutting Machine


  • This laser system is specially designed for Denim Jeans engraving,successfully replaced traditional processing. energy-saving, eco-friendly,no pollution and strong personalized.
  • Circulating convey processing. While in the process, at the same time it also can load material with high productivity.
  • This machine is equipped with CO2 RF metal laser and triaxialdynamic large-format galvanometer control system, Low maintenance cost.Fully closed structure. Smoking effect is good. Safe and reliable system.
  • It can engrave a variety of personalized designs such as cat whiskers,monkey wash, PP spray, hanging rub, ripped, sandblasting, snow, portraitand other effects with clear texture and never fade.


LIPI - CO2 Laser Garment Printing & Cutting Machine Software


    Among its many features are ease-of-use, high performance, flexibility, and low cost that give you the best laser marking software on the market today. LIPI software is developed by our highly skilled professionals developers, we proudly say that "MAKE IN INDIA". Features of LIPI are...

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Technical Specification


Laser Type CO2,RF Metal Laser
Laser CO2 Laser
Average /CW Output Power 30W/50W/100W/250W
Wavelength 10.6 micro meter
Laser Class IV
Guide Laser/Red Aiming Beam Yes
Ambient Temperature 25 °C
Power Consumption < 1 kW
Electrical Connection (Optional) 230v/50Hz - 115V/60Hz
Marking area (Optional) Ø100/150/220/300/600
Repeatability 50 Micron
Resolution 18 Micron
Marking Speed Up to 10000 mm/sec*


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textile co2 laser printing cutting machine in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India
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laser marking system,laser marking machine in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India


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textile co2 laser marking system,co2 laser marking machine in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India


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